What is MßTK™?

MβTK™ stands for natural Manuka oil ßeta Triketones. The MβTK™ quality mark shows the percentage of Manuka β-triketones present in Manuka oil.

Why are triketones important?

Manuka Triketones are a class of naturally occurring organic chemical compounds found in the natural world. Manuka triketones have been shown to have very high antimicrobial properties in many peer-reviewed in-vitro scientific research studies. 

The scientific literature demonstrates potential applications in the following areas;

  • Antibacterial (MRSA, Strep A)
  • Antiviral (Herpes)
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • UVB Skin Protection
  • Anti-parasitic
  • Animal Health
  • Insect Lures
  • Herbicidal

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Why are East Cape Manuka ßeta triketones different?

The Manuka tree grows throughout New Zealand. However the concentration of MβTK™ content ranges significantly depending on where you harvest the plant geographically within New Zealand.

MβTK™ (Manuka oil ßeta Triketones) are found at very high levels, above 25% (sometimes above 30%), in Manuka oil sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand.

Why choose a high triketone level oil?

The higher the triketone level, the stronger the antimicrobial properties and benefits. East Cape Manuka plants are scientifically proven to be high in Manuka β-triketones. In vitro studies show MβTK™ to be effective against many harmful bacteria, fungal and some viral organisms.

How do I know how many Manuka β-triketones are present in a product?