What is MßTK™?

MβTK™ stands for natural Manuka oil ßeta Triketones. The MβTK™ quality mark shows the percentage of Manuka β-triketones present in Manuka oil.

Why are triketones important?

A triketone is an organic chemical compound found in the natural world. Triketones have very high antimicrobial properties, naturally beneficial in the fight against harmful bacteria, fungi and inflammation.

Why are East Cape Manuka ßeta triketones different?

The Manuka tree grows throughout New Zealand. However the concentration of MβTK™ content ranges significantly depending on where you harvest the plant.

MβTK™ (Manuka oil ßeta Triketones) are found at very high levels, sometimes above 30%, in Manuka oil sourced from the East Cape of New Zealand.

Why choose a high triketone level?

The higher the triketone level, the stronger the antimicrobial properties and benefits. East Cape Manuka plants are scientifically proven to be high in Manuka β-triketones. In vitro studies show MβTK™ to be effective against many harmful bacteria.

How do I know how many Manuka β-triketones are present in a product?