MβTK™ Geographic Variations


Figure 1: New Zealand geographic variations in total triketone content
(modified from Douglas et al.19 )


Significant variations exist in the β-triketone content of Manuka oil as a result of the geographic source location within New Zealand. The total MβTK™ levels in Manuka oil can range from below 1% to greater than 30% throughout New Zealand as shown by Douglas et al.17,19 The North Island East Cape region being significantly higher than other areas within the country, additionally seasonal variations are observed.

The geographic variations in Manuka oil appear to be from genetic variations within the L. scoparium species, as seeds collected from different locations and grown in a single location kept their basic chemotype profile.18 This map highlights the geographic variations in total triketone content (MβTK™) for Manuka oil around New Zealand, and the significance of how localized this area is within New Zealand.